Gary Jenkins


About two years ago I became interested in art forgery after seeing several YouTube videos about

fraudsters such as Beltracchi, Mayatt and Hebborn.  Last January (2016) I decided to try my hand 

at it, but without the intent to decieve or profit.  The result was a one-person show in September 2016

of some eighty paintings entitled (wiat for it): "A Brief Survey of Modern European Painting".


I tried my hand at, among others, van Gogh, Matisse, Giacometti, Modigliani, Mondrian and, of course,

Picasso, in primarily protoCubist and Cubist incarnations.

The show was held in the community gallery of Yagihashi Department Store in Kumagaya, Japan.  No
sales are allowed, but I consider it a sucess as over 250 men, women and kids visited the show during

its one-week run.


I also included a brief survey of my own work.

This is Mr. Kon.  Mr. Kon is the proprietor of Nora, a private club in Kumagaya, Japan.  Mr. Kon has 

graciously permitted me to hang my paintings in his club.



The paintings I chose are from a series entitled "Black Ice".  They were painted about three years ago

and are all acrylic on canvas.  As you can see, most of them are black and white with a bit of brown.


 My original inspiration for the series was de Kooning's black and white paintings from the late 1940s.

The earliest paintings in the Black Ice series were also only black and white with hints of color from

previous paintings on the same canvas and I gradually began to experiment with additional colors.

I was particularly interested in making biomorphic shapes which appear to be in motion.


The Black Ice series currently extends to about thirty-odd paintings of various sizes, the largest

being about 91 x 72.7 centimeters and the smallest 22.7 x 15.8 cm.  As with most of my series work,

the Black Ice group is open-ended; I'd like to do additional paintings in the series.


If you noticed the nude painting in this last photo, that's my work also.  I do figurative work from time to

time as an additional challenge and change-up.  Mr. Kon asked me to hang a figurative piece along

with the abstract works because he was having difficulty explaining the abstract paintings to his



Be that as it may, I'm grateful for the opportunity to engage a wider and more diverse audience.

Thanks again, Mr. Kon.



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